The MORF BLOCK is a smart user-oriented sailboat block which utilizes patented technologies to deliver maximum freedom and simplicity to achieve a high efficiency, light weight, strong and safe block.

Its patented bearing technology not only provides a low friction media between the rope and sheave but protects its components from ware.

For Sailors

MORF BLOCK is the right choice for all sailors looking for a highly efficient, light weight, reliable and strong block.

For Pro

If you are a PRO or you are looking for tailor made solutions MORF BLOCK can be customized to suit your needs.

MORF BLOCK Technology


The MORF BLOCK is made out of 4 main components cheeks, bearing, sheave and loop. The MB cheeks snap fit together with no need of metal fasteners.

MB03 cheek+bearing


MORF BLOCK  can be customized according to the user needs: SWL/BL , shape, colours and materials are some of the customizations available.

MB03 multi


The MORF BLOCK is light and Strong. Our range of blocks is among the lightest and strongest blocks in the market.
Its patented bearing technology allows for a secure, easy and reliable way of carrying loads with a reduced amount of components which results in a very light set up.

MB04 bearing


MORF BLOCK is a highly efficient block which can be customized according to your needs.
Its bearing allows the block to spin with minimum friction even at high loads. Two choices of bearings are available High Load for demanding applications and High Performance where loads are not the governing factor.



MORF BLOCK  components are available separately.
Just keep some Loops and Bearings to service your blocks or contact us.


  • Production

    The MB Cheeks are manufactured by FFF (fused filament fabrication) an additive manufacturing technology. A fused filament fabrication tool deposits layer by layer of material which are fused by heat. FFF technology is generally refereed as 3D Printing.
  • Evolution

    MORF BLOCK production method allows us to be in constant change. No mould tools provide us the freedom to create, customize, improve, to make it better … to evolve.
  • Custom

    Our manufacturing methods allows us to create custom parts such as cheeks and bearings faster with no significant added costs.
    If you have a special application, need a custom size or have your own thimbles and need us to produce bearings for them .. we can do it!
  • Materials

    Our production methods allow us to use various materials, colours and even to create our very own material formulations.
    We choose the best materials available for each application, UV stable plastics, low friction materials.
  • Sustainable Production

    Having a flexible production allows us to cut down on unnecessary stock created by cost oriented production batches. This means we can produce what we need; making good use of our resources will make for a better world.
  • Environment

    We care about the environment and this is yet another reason to support our production method which has a low environmental impact, low waste and reciclable materials.
    We are able to produce in eco friendly materials and wood.


  • Manufacturing

    MORF BLOCK cheeks and bearings are produced in-house by FFF or CNC.
  • Sheaves

    MORF BLOCK  sheaves are manufactured in high grade aluminium with high quality coatings.
  • Traceability

    We keep record of all our production, materials and suppliers.
  • Ropes

    We only use ropes from trusted manufacturers. All our rope solutions are manufactured by professionals.