About Us

The MORF BLOCK has been created and engineeried by G Yacht Design.

While the industry slowly moves to new grounds manufacturing processes keep quite standard. GYD has focused on developing new hardware with the latest technology available in the search of simplicity, reliability and lower costs.

The world has shift from mass produced products to user oriented and customizable products. New manufacturing processes allow us to provide specific products to meet our clients requirements at no added cost.


We care about our product and how they are produced. Our blocks are produced in Spain and we only know one way of making business:

    MORF BLOCK is made in the EU right from the start. We source our materials locally from trusted companies in search for fair trade and work conditions.

    MORF BLOCK supports local business by providing a platform for the creation of new products.

    MORF work environment is the key for the development of new smart products.
  • ECO Approach

    We care about our planet our objective is to reduce our foot print as much as possible by using recyclable and bio materials.